1337 Art's handmade inspiration

I started making jewelry for myself after never being able

to find something of quality and value at department stores. I found out about
target="_blank">Etsy, and I was amazed at how many people have such an interest in all things handmade.

In the forums I have met a bunch of great people, and I have learned a lot of stories of the people behind the

shop. I fell in love with handmade items, and it is wonderful that I can support someone when purchasing a unique


I have also started doing Artist features on

My blog

That feature handmade artists. It is important for the world to learn the charms and joys of

buying handmade.

I much rather buy something that was made with someone's own two hands.

1337 Art, 21, Fashion Designer / Business Owner, 1337art.etsy.com
Washington, United States
Thursday, October 23, 2008 2:26 pm

wooden buttons

I am a crafter who admires the amazing talents in our country and find most of us artist are just that Artist.

I beleive we get a better quality when hand made in america

katz got buttonz, Button Krafter
Upper MidWest Iowa
Monday, November 3, 2008 6:46 pm

Transition from supporting WAHMs to becoming one

I started out buying

handmade because of cloth diapers. I knew I wanted to use cloth even before my first child was born. At that time

I thought there were only a few stores that sold diapers - boy was I wrong. I soon got introduced to the world of


I quickly moved from cloth diapers to buying clothes, toys and many other WAHM products! It is so

nice to get something handmade for your kids (and yourself!)and know that you are also supporting a family! I live

in a small rural area where there is really only one major place to buy clothes, toys, shoes. I LOVE having the

WAHM community to buy things for my kids that does not come from that retailer.

Of course there is the

downside....my obsession of buying beautiful hand-dyed yarn to knit. There are so many creative wonderful dyers

out there I am always tempted by their beautiful colorways!

Since I need to support my yarn buying habit

(not to mention my fabric buying habit), I've turned my love of quilting into sewing knitting and crocheting

accessories for others. I love being a part of the WAHM community! It gives me another outlet for my creativity

and love of all things fabric and yarn!

Kathi, Mom/Archaeologist/Artist, www.hyenacart.com/chacocreations
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 7:41 am

Christmas in July?

I guess the inspiration to buy handmade grew out of the

inspiration to create handmade. You know how you grow up and never want to be like your parents, well I was a

little bit like that. Then I had children myself and I remembered everything that my parents gave and taught me

growing up. I remembered because I missed it. I was now in charge to give my children what I had learned to

appreciate so much. My favorite memory is the time before Christmas, where toys would disappear just to return

refurbished on Christmas Eve. The doll house had new wall paper that my father had done, the dolls had new knitted

or sewn clothing that my mother sat over late at night when everyone else was sleeping and each of their six

children had a new piece of clothing under the tree also. I remember when the younger siblings asked where Mom was

during that time we often got the answer from the older siblings "She is with Christkindl"

(Christkindl=Christchild). Later when we were a bit older we would lock ourselves into our rooms and be with

Christkindl ourselves and it was a wonderful feeling to create something with all of your heart for someone else.

One also would have to find a good hiding spot for all the wonderful presents and the anticipation to make others

happy would even grow more. That feeling is what inspires me, and it is what makes me buy handmade, because those

WAHMs and WAHDs create their wares with love and I can have a part of it. It was made for me :)

Annette Ringeisen, 42, Doll Maker and Fiber Artist, woolcreations.com
North Carolina
Monday, July 7, 2008 9:45 am

laura's handmade inspiration

i like to buy handmade because it gives me a chance to support

other artists. i know it can be a struggle to pay the bills some days. if my $10 or $20 helps someone buy dinner

for the night it makes me happy, plus i get something neat in return.

laura, http://www.artfire.com/users/whittamore
Friday, October 29, 2010 7:05 am

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